International Packages

If you’re looking for an International Tour, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will be able search, plan and book your perfect International holiday along with expert travel advice, in-depth destination information and lots of travel tips. You are sure to get inspired to travel the world with SOTC India. To get you start dreaming of your next International Holiday, we have a wide range of International Tour packages to choose from and for the avid traveler in you, we have completely customized holiday options as well.

Most of our International tour packages include return flights, hotel accommodation, meals, sightseeing and the guidance & expertise of our tour experts. What more, we strive to get all of this at the best possible prices to make your International holiday a memory of a lifetime. As they say “to travel is to live”, it leaves you speechless and turns you into a storyteller. Whether you plan an International tour to Maldives, Dubai, Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, France tour packages you are bound to enrich your life by getting acquainted with the people living there, by appreciating different culture, by getting spell-bound with the sheer beauty of natural and manmade creations. Apart from these packages, M S World Travel Services has other countries also according to our customer requirements.

Bolstered by the wave of positivity unleashed by the new global traveler like yourself, we want you to go out in the world and meet new people, taste new cuisine’s, discover unique cultures and pave the way for a new era of tourism. From mountains to beaches to monuments to museums to parks to theme parks to café’s to lounges, we want you to fly, explore, voyage, journey and mostly importantly discover yourself.










Singapore, Singapore - December 12, 2014: Night view of the pedestrian Helix Bridge, a structure of glass and stainless steel leading to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.  The ArtScience Museum in Singapore is in the centre.

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