Mysore formally Mysore, the city of Palaces is the most prominent city in India with regard to historical reigns. A dazzling royal history, stunning architecture, traditional art forms, etc make this city an attractive tourist spot. The UNESCO heritage site, Mysore Palace is the highlight of this royal city. The places to visit in Mysore are not only magnificent palaces but much more than that; including Chamundi hills, Karanji Lake, Gardens, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries etc. Mysore is passionately called the “Sandalwood City”, “City of Yoga” and “City of Palaces.”

Crowned as the second cleanest city in India, “Mysore” is undoubtedly the best tourist spot. Mysore tourist places are world-famous for its charm and history. This cultural capital is cosmopolitan in nature and opens numerous options for tourists. Mysore is famous for the Dassara celebration and during this time period people around the globe flood to the city to take part in the celebration. Besides the beautiful places with historical importance, Mysore Silk saree is another attraction of the town and the most wonderful tradition of all times, “Mysore Painting.” The delicacies of Mysore including Mysore Pak and Mysore Masala Dosa have gained name and fame from people around the globe. The hotels in Mysore are of world-class quality and services; the architecture style is also stunning and reminds of the rich and glorious past of this fascinating city.

Top Attractions in Mysore


Mysore Palace

The incredibly beautiful Mysore Palace is a UNESCO heritage site that attracts thousands of tourists every year. This magnificent edifice also known as Amba Vilas Palace was the royal residence and is their official residence even today. The palace was built in 1912 as per the demands of the Wodeyar Dynasty’s 24th ruler. The construction of the palace and the interiors were looked after by the Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV, who was fondly called as saint king or Rajarshi by Mahatma Gandhi. The palace is known for its light and sound show and Dussehra celebrations,


Brindavan Garden

The Brindavan Garden is 21 km away from Mysore city and is situated across the charming Cauvery river. The garden is famous for music with fountain show, boating, and the well-maintained and beautifully arranged flowerbeds. The garden was built in 1932 by Sir Mirza Ismail, the then Diwan of Mysore. Today, among the places to visit in Mysore, Brindavan Garden is listed as the top attractions.


Mysore Zoo

In the Mysore places to visit the list, Mysore Zoo also known as  Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens is a must-visit place. The zoo is the best and most beautiful zoological garden in India.  Mysore Zoo was established in 1892 by Maharaja Chamaraja Wodeyar. The main attraction of the Zoo is the natural habitat created for the animals. In the zoo, there is a wide range of animals including cats, water and terrestrial birds, reptiles, and more than 168  species of animals. The Zoo also holds recognition for performing the world’s first C-Section delivery for an elephant.  Exhibitions and shows are conducted on a regular basis including Youth Club activities, Summer Camp activities, and more. The Karanji Lake known for boating is also a part of the Zoo.


St. Philomena’s Cathedral

Asia’s tallest church, St. Philomena’s Cathedral is a major attraction of the town. The church was built in 1936 and is a perfect example of the Neo-Gothic style. The church also is known as St. Joseph’s church was inspired by the construction style of Cologne Cathedral in Germany. The church has the capacity to hold more than 800 people at a time. The glass windows of the church depict the milestones of Jesus Christ’s life including the birth of Christ,  Last Supper, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection of Christ.


Chamundeshwari Temple

Though Chamundeshwari Temple is a pilgrim site it is also listed among Mysore tourist places. The temple is situated at the top of Chamundi hills at a height of 1000ft. The temple, a must-visit attraction is the oldest temple of Mysore and has statues of Nandi and Mahishasura that has gained recognition from architects and art lovers. The temple is placed among the 18 Maha Shakti Peethas and visitors can reach the temple either by climbing the steps or driving through the valley. The temple set on the backdrop of a lush green mountain is an amazing place to spend a day from your busy life.


Best time to visit Mysore


Mysore has a pleasant climate throughout the year. However, like any other Indian destination, the best time to visit Mysore is between October and January; the winter season. During this time, the hotels in Mysore will be crowded, hence it is advised to book rooms in advance.