From the boulevards of Paris to the fashionable seaside resorts of the Côte d’Azur, France offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Fairy-tale castles, glorious cathedrals, and picture-perfect villages delight romantics. At the same time, the country’s contemporary monuments and rapid train transit jolt visitors from the storybook surroundings into the ambience of the 21st century.

Begin with the Eiffel Tower, the modern emblem of France. Then discover famous masterpieces of art at the Louvre Museum. Spend a day pretending to be royalty at the elegant Palace of Versailles. Save time for leisurely gourmet meals – traditional French gastronomy has been inscribed on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Each region has its own distinctive cuisine and culture. The coastal region of Brittany offers the old-world charm of quaint fishing villages and ancient seaports, while the French Alps reveals the region’s hearty cuisine of cheese fondue and charcuterie served in cozy chalets near ski slopes. Indulge in it all and savor the country’s irresistible charm with our list of the top attractions in France.

Top Attractions in France



The magnificent Louvre, exceptional impressionist collections and the Centre Pompidou’s modern and contemporary art, a plethora of smaller museums showcasing collections in every genre imaginable. The mesmerizing wrought-iron spire of the Eiffel Tower piercing the skyline, the Arc de Triomphe guarding the most glamorous avenue, the Champs-Élysées, the regal Notre Dame cathedral, lamp lit bridges spanning the Seine and art nouveau cafes spilling on to wicker-chair-lined terraces. At the forefront of international trends, chic designer boutiques, vintage shops, flagship haute couture stores and flea markets – redefining style, elegance and class. Exquisite French cuisine, enticing patisseries and boulangeries (bakeries), luscious fromageries (cheese shops), fragrant wine shops. Bohemian Montmarte, trendy Marais. Tree lined boulevards, prolific green parks and of course the grand Seine. Wine and cheese. One word to describe all of the above – Paris.


Corsica Tourism

The island of Corsica, surrounded by the famous Mediterranean Sea, is the perfect example of an artistic blend of nautral beauty and rich history. Corsican culture interweaved with French and Italian influences make this place unique and an ideal holiday destination. The island is blessed with an incredible diversity of beaches and a myraid of other beatific terrains and is a gem worth exploring. Corsica is one of the 18 regions located southeast of France, west of the Italian peninsula. Most of the island is covered with mountains and the island boasts of more than two hundred beaches and a coastline extending more than a thousand kilometers. A truly surreal Corsica packs the best of nature and offers an experience absolutely unparalleled. 


Nice Tourism

Nice is the capital of the Cote d’Azur region, France’s favourite stop for beachside fun. The Promenade des Anglais, a long, picturesque boulevard carved around the Bay of Angels is just the place to discover how Nice’s urban area and her coastal charm combine to form one of the most attractive panoramic views of the French Riviera. The city is a cultural hub of Western France, home to famous icons of the art industry like Henry Matisse. With a multitude of museums primarily dedicated to various nuances and styles of art, Nice is the perfect place to rediscover your imaginative, aesthetic eye. The Musee Matisse is a comprehensive collection of painting and art by Henry Matisse, while the Musee Marc Chagall holds all the art of the French artist Marc Chagall.


Bordeaux Tourism

Bordeaux, a magnolious Port city situated on the Garonne River in the Gironde Deprtment of southwestern France, harbours the best of wine, the most gracious and elegant of gothic architecture and amalgamates it all with the 21st century rhythm that leaves the beholder awestruck. A culturally rich location, Bordeaux is the place to be. Classified as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO and deemed as “the very essence of elegance”by Her Royal Majesty Queen, Bordeaux’s sublime existence thrives at a dynamic pace. It is nowhere else, through the entirety of Europe that the consistency of old gothic architecture has been maintained with such devotion and remains a major feature in harmonious coexistence with the modern structures.


Cannes Tourism

Cannes is a city located on Cote d’Azur or more commonly the French Riviera known for its luxury shops and hotels and the distinctive annual Cannes Film Festival apart from which the city also has a lot of natural beauty to offer making your trip worthwhile. Originally a fishing village, Cannes now sparkles with glamour and luxury, be it the numerous boutiques, couture shops, the elegant Belle €poque hotels or superstars and celebrities making it the social hub of Europe. The city bustles with life in the month of May when its the host of the annual Cannes Film Festival and hereby, the best place for fans to be busy celebrity spotting. With the beautiful Mediterranean climate and blessed with scenic beauty, boulevards lined with palm trees, Cannes never ceases to mesmerize its visitors. The harbours, the bay, the churches, and the architectural beauty of La Susquet make Cannes’s a traveler’s paradise.


Iyon Tourism

The ancient city of Lyon is France’s third largest city and a pinnacle for history, culture and delicious French cuisine. Established by the Romans as Ludgunum over 2000 years ago, the city is more than meets the eye, distracting you with its historical remains and fine renaissance architecture to keep you from finding the secret passageways and hidden gems scattered across this fascinating city. Apart from being one of the oldest surviving cities of the glorious Roman empire, Lyon is also famous for being the birthplace of cinema, starting from the invention of the cinematograph by the Lumiere brothers. The gothic and European architecture of the buildings of the city is amplified by the two rivers that flow through the area, River Rhone and River Saone.

Best time to visit France


And don’t be caught on the roads during the last weekend of July or August, and least of all on the weekend of August 15. The best time to visit France is therefore during the spring months, between April and June, or autumn, which runs from September to November.