The Scotland of India


Coorg is Crowned as the “The Scotland of India”, Coorg is the perfect place to watch the glorious greeting of the sun, mist-kissing mountains, and wildlife. Coorg, also known as Kodagu is an amazing place for those who love nature and want to explore her to the fullest.  The landscape gives ample opportunity for trekkers, photographers, and wildlife enthusiasts to sightsee. Nature’s smile is best and Kodagu is known for her beautiful smile that thrills people of all types. This eye-pleasing hill station is not only popular for its sightseeing opportunity but also for coffee production, arts, and traditions.

Those who are interested to know more about the culture and tradition of Coorg can choose “Coorg homestays.” This will give them an amazing opportunity to enjoy the culture, tradition, and local delicacies in a better way. The beautiful towns of Coorg include Virajpet, Gonikoppal, Kushalnagar,  Pollibetta, and Somwarpet. In a nutshell, traveling through these towns and enjoying “Coorg homestays” will make your vacation memorable!

As you know, the attractions of  Coorg are plenty. Let us look into the places to visit in Coorg that you should never miss?

Top Attractions in Coorg


Abbay Falls

There won’t be anyone who hasn’t heard about Abbey Falls. Right?. One of the major attractions of Coorg, Abbey Falls is a 10kilometres drive from Madikeri town. The stream that falls from a height of 70ft, amidst the green is a captivating view that refreshes and rejuvenates your energy. Sightseers can enjoy the falls from the hanging over-bridge. At times, the vacationer is lucky enough to get water sprayed naturally, and that will set your mood perfect to forget all your worries. Though showering at the falls is prohibited, the grace of the ambiance is enough to grab the attention of tourists all over the world.


Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Coorg is known for its thick forest and wonderful wildlife. Among the Coorg wildlife sanctuaries, Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, which was laid in the year 1974 is listed at the top. The sanctuary is named after Brahmagiri peak and is adorned with evergreen forests; the habitat of beautiful birds like Malabar trogon, black bulbul, and emerald dove. The forest is also known for the presence of python, Cobra, and king cobra. The presence of macaques, elephants, gaurs, tigers, cats, Nilgiri langurs, leopards, wild pigs, and sloth bears make the sanctuary the most sought after destination of trekkers.


Golden Temple Namdroling Monastery

Golden Temple, the largest teaching center of Tibetian Buddhism, the world-famous Namdroling Monastery is Coorg’s topmost attraction. The monastery is an excellent place to look into the architecture and artistic skills of Tibetan artists. The temple tower and the walls are decorated with mural paintings, a stunning place for art lovers. The well-maintained garden amplifies the serenity of the place.


Honnamane Kere Lake

Honnamana Kere Lake is the biggest lake in Coorg with historical and spiritual importance. The Lake is situated amidst coffee-plantations, man-built caves, and hills; a perfect place to sit and engross in the charm of nature. Gauri Festival is the time when the lake and its surrounding gain popularity!


Iruppu Falls

A picturesque waterfall, Iruppu falls, pours down from the Brahmagiri Mountain Range is one of the most prestigious attractions in Coorg. The falls are religiously significant and pilgrims believe that the water is holy and powerful to cleanse your sins. During the festival of Navratri, the falls and the temple nearby are adorned with decorations; a visual treat for vacationers.


Madikeri Fort

Madikeri Fort is one of the most important attractions in Coorg. The fort situated in the center of the town offers tourists a glimpse of Coorg’s heritage. This 17th-century fort has a long-standing history that not only attracts historians but architects too.  The artifacts and portraits at the fort are a true treasure.  Besides, the fort offers the mesmerizing view of the city and its neighboring area. The ambiance is perfect for those who want to relax enjoying some fresh air!


Pushpagiri WildLife Sanctuary

Pushpagiri is one of the most attractive sanctuaries in Karnataka. Campers and trekkers love the Sanctuary which also comprises prominent attractions like Kumara Parvatha Peak, Mandalpatti Peak, and Mallalli Falls. The sanctuary is home for a number of wild species including rare and endangered animals and birds.


Tadiandamol Peak

Coorg will never dishearten trekkers! The Tadiandamol Peak, the largest peak in Coorg draws the attention of trekking enthusiasts. Nature lovers, novice, and trekking experts can enjoy exploring the scenic route of Tadiandamol peak. Those who are not able to trek can travel till halfway in their vehicle. You should never afford to miss a visit to Tadiandamol peak, a perfect weekend getaway!



Talakaveri or Talacauvery, that originates from the river Kaveri is situated near Bhagamandala. The temple dedicated to Kaveriamma is one of the major attractions of Talakaveri. During the auspicious day of Changrandi pilgrims from far and near flocks to the stream. On this day the fountainhead rises up and that is a spectacular view! To enjoy the micro-view of the forest region, which is a fabulous sight, one has to climb the top of the mountain. Even when standing at the top of the hill, you will hear the temple bell ringing beneath.


White River Rafting In Barapole River

Coorg never disappoints adventure lovers. The river rafting in Barapole is an adrenaline-rushing activity that excites thrill-seekers. The river has rapidly flowing water that runs through beautiful landscapes, making it perfect for a rafting experience. Set on the backdrop of Western ghats, the river that flows through the thick forest gifts the rafters, a visual treat of the Brahmagiri Wildlife region too.

Best Time to Visit Coorg


Coorg is blessed with pleasant and moderate weather throughout the year. Tourists will love Coorg Weather and can enjoy a memorable vacation anytime. However, the Winter season is regarded as the best time to visit Coorg. During this time, the climate is cool and pleasant. The surroundings remain magnificent. Though monsoon gives a fresh beauty to Coorg, traveling to attractions can be difficult. The soothing environment and refreshing Coorg weather make this township a perfect getaway from the bustling city life.